Inspirational Stories from 2014

I love reading about people who have transformed their lives and are really living, often for the first time in their lives. Here are 14 stories of amazing, determined and resilient people who have made the choice to be healthy for themselves and for their loved ones.

Do you have your own story of making changes in your life? Post them in the comments!

A Great Testimonial from One of Our Ideal Protein Clients

If you are ready to fully commit to the Ideal Protein protocol, you will not be disappointed!  The science behind this wonderful program cannot be refuted—if you stick to it you will see amazing, immediate results.

Other weight-loss programs had worked for me, but none of them taught me how to eat to keep the weight off long-term.  I began the IP journey March 29, 2012 and in less than  4 short months I lost 50 pounds, greatly reduced my body fat percentage and went from a size 14/16 to a size 8/10.  I woke up each morning ready to take on the day with increased vitality and energy.  I can honestly say that not once during my time on IP did I feel hungry to the point of being uncomfortable or wanting to quit the program.  There were many tasty and easy-to-prepare food choices available that made it so easy to stay on protocol.  The education that I received from my Coaches Leslie and Heather throughout my journey is the main reason I know my long-term success is guaranteed!

All the Banic Chiropractic staff were welcoming and helpful from day one and their new downtown Issaquah location is convenient and beautiful.  I hope my personal success encourages others to give Ideal Protein a try—it works!

Marla Y, Bellevue WA

And now I’m back… from outer space!

I’m not sure how many of you are reading, but if you were wondering, I did not post last week, not even once! I was moving my little family of three into our first house! We are very thrilled and loving home ownership thus far. From an Ideal Protein standpoint, I’ve already found some positives:

  • We have stairs for the first time in a long time – carrying boxes up and down made my muscle percentage shoot up at my last weigh in! Hooray for “effortless” exercise!
  • I have a kitchen to cook in again! As much as I love my Taco Time salads, I am thrilled to be able to chop, stir-fry, and season once again.
  • It’s so much easier to get dressed/put on makeup/do my hair now that I can have all my stuff out of boxes. I don’t know about you, but when I put effort into looking my best, I tend to eat better and be more careful about what I’m doing.
  • It’s very peaceful in my new home town. Tranquility is a good state of mind for a weight loss journey!

Remember how I blogged recently about falling off the bandwagon and climbing back on? I fell off again once more before I was officially moved in to our new house. I was stressed out, not cooking, and everything in my life was a mish-mash and a cluttery mess. I do not operate well under those conditions. I am so happy to be back on IP 100%. Let me tell you something:

Cheating made me hungry. And cranky. And stupid.

Like… eating a cheeseburger out of the bag in the car hungry. (And cranky. And stupid.) (I know, I know.) Combining these elements: not getting enough protein, eating crap, and pulling all-nighters for the move; I had a recipe for some really crummy eating choices.

There’s something interesting that I learned about eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) selection of foods, after eating in a healthful and nourishing way for so long.

  1. I ate with my mouth only. I was not listening to what my body needed or wanted. (Or DIDN’T WANT as the case may be.)
  2. I was never really satisfied; I would eat until full, but then a few hours later I’d feel hunger again (carb crash).
  3. It took a lot more calories (a LOT MORE) of crap food to satiate me than it did when I was eating correctly (Phase 1). What’s funny about this is that Ideal Protein gets a lot of flack for “not having enough nourishment,” when I found just the opposite. Lost of calories does not necessarily mean sustenance.

I am so happy to not feel enslaved to food again. I was lucky and hit ketosis within 2-3 days of getting back on track, and now I truly know that often when I’m feeling “hungry,” I’m really just bored.

Hope you guys have a great week!

Climbing Back on the Horse

Click for Image SourceWARNING: This is going to be a very long entry.

Alright folks. In interest of full disclosure, I tumbled off the horse on Saturday and hit the ground running towards gastronomical debauchery. Yes; I was running pell-mell, arms flailing about, into the embrace of my old friend, Mr. Junk Food. I have climbed back on the horse today, not entirely willingly, but knowing it’s what’s best. I (and my diet) have survived this foray into fattening foods, so I figured I would share some insights that I gained through the experience.

Reaction vs. Response
Whether or not you believe it right this moment, you will probably mess up big time with something in your life, at some point. Well maybe you won’t. You’re probably perfect and incapable of such gross oversights. Well… I’m not. I am perfectly imperfect and I’ve screwed up so many things in my short 27 years, there’s probably a trophy for me out there somewhere. But you know what I hate screwing up? Diets. I hate falling off the band wagon because it’s so hard to get back on.

Why is this? Two reasons: food and failure.

As far as food goes, it’s fun to be bad, and that’s why most of us are here, right? Too much of a good thing. If you have issues with food obsession like I do, you are very concerned with experiencing flavors, textures, sweet, salty, rich, creamy and fluffy. Fluffy soft breads and pastries are what got me here in the first place.

And failure? Failure is realizing what you’ve done and burying yourself with the shame of it. Failure is a lack of willingness to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and go back down the path to health and wellness. Failure is accepting your mistake as your reality. Failure is embracing the behaviors that destroy as a lifestyle, and not a temporary state. And boy, oh boy, have I been there.

One of the first things that Leslie shared with me at our many meetings was a list of things that “naturally thin” people do or believe. One of them was this: No freaking out over diet mistakes. Start over tomorrow, and get really strict to make up for a day (or three… eep!) of bad eating. Keep an eye on the scale, and let it tell you how your body is reacting to your food decisions. Don’t get upset. Just respond accordingly.

See… there’s a huge difference between reacting, and responding. My awesome Aunt Janet,a life coach, taught me that long a go. The definitions really lay it out for you:

1. To act in response to or under the influence of a stimulus or prompting: reacted strongly to the sarcastic tone of the memorandum.
2. To act in opposition to a former condition or act: composers who reacted against romanticism.
3. To act reciprocally or in return.

The underlying tone here takes the power away from the individual doing the reacting. Almost as if they’re completely impulsive with no self-censorship.

1. To make a reply; answer.
2. To act in return or in answer.
3. To react positively or favorably.

I love that number three has the word “react” in its definition. The word respond suggests thought, much more so than react does. So my advice is this:

Respond to your mistakes, don’t react to them. Learn from them and decide what your next move will be. Don’t let your mistake, or your emotions related to that mistake, decide for you. Today is a new day, or heck, tomorrow can be the new day you need. Just remember to decide.

The Body Knows What’s Up
So you know what happens when you try to eat terrible food after eating such a clean, restricted list of foods for so long? Nothing good. Just take my word on that.

Click for Image SourceYou Can Go Home Again
Maybe this is the wrong way of looking at it, but Ideal Protein feels like my “home turf” right now. IP has been very, very good to me. I’ve lost almost seventy pounds since the end of May (5/22/2011) and I only have about thirty more to go.

Ideal Protein won’t judge you. It won’t tell you you can’t come back until you’re perfect. It won’t tell you that the stuff you ate the day before is completely unforgivable. Ideal Protein will be waiting there, patiently, if you made a mistake. (Or several mistakes, as the case may be… ehem.) It will, however, make you hungry for the first few days, since you probably threw yourself out of ketosis.

You know what? Worth it.


I am not having a good week, this week. My weight bounced up about 2 pounds last week, and I am having the darnedest time getting rid of it. I don’t know if I’m dehydrated, or eating too much salt, or sneaking cookies in my sleep!!!

Stalls can happen, but I think my stall may be directly related to not writing my food diary anymore. (Bad girl!)

I hereby commit to food journaling from this morning forth. Want to see my food journal?


How’s that for Irony? I got this at Target for $1.00, I think. I couldn’t resist the bright colors and the cute design. I’m glad that cupcake looks like a cartoon though, or it might make me think impure thoughts.

So my first entry is:

September 21, 2011
Water [X] [X] [X] [X] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]
4 cups water
Mango Shake
Coffee w/ 1 oz milk, sugar-free Vanilla syrup

Off to a great start. Next up: sticking with it.

Keeping a food journal

Source PictureOkay, confession time: I super-duper stink at keeping up with my food log. I’m terrible at it. I get bored of writing “the same thing” over and over (and over) and so I get lax. But then it is so easy to take an extra bite of chicken here and there, or just “assume” I’ve eaten enough vegetables for the day.

According to this article, “Want To Lose Weight? Keep A Food Diary,” it reiterates what we already know to be true – write it all down.

Actually, there are a lot of different very famous weight loss programs that tout this, one of the most famous being Weight Watchers. I did WW for quite awhile and I know that even when using that as my tool for weight loss, I did do better when I wrote down what I was eating.

What about you? Are you well behaved when it comes to writing down what you put in your mouth, or do you slack off? What keeps you motivated to keep writing down your food log?

Keep Rolling Along

multicolor_skatesI have never, ever been a physically active person. I have actually avoided movement most of my life, preferring instead to go shopping, or go out to eat, or sit around the house.

Since I’ve started losing weight with IP, I’ve wanted to get a little more movement in. So I’ve gone roller skating. It’s an interesting experience to go skating after… 13 years or so.

I forgot how much fun it is to feel the “wind” rushing by you as you speed along, listening to bad pop music and dodging little kids, shaky on their wheeled feet.

I have yet to do so, but the next thing I want to tackle is some horseback riding. I went last summer when I was at one of my heaviest weights, and it was fun, but I couldn’t “relax” into the ride. I’d also like to build up some arm strength, and tackle a climbing wall.

What are some physical goals you have, if any?


I hope all of you are having a wonderful, successful week! I had some great experiences in the past week, thanks to my weight loss – and therefore, Ideal Protein!

  • I shopped at a very famous “regular sizes” lingerie store for the first time in my adult life. Actually, in my whole life. This was a life changing experience for me, personally and I’m still surprised by it!
  • I finally fit into size 14 jeans!
  • I tried on regular size leather jackets, and designer jeans and was able to fit into both! (These are my dream items, which I will purchase when I hit goal!)
  • I got a tattoo.

I am learning what it means to feel comfortable with my body. As I become more and more so, I am more open to letting my outsides reflect who I know I am inside. Getting a tattoo was a part of that journey. I know I have further to go, and I’m not giving up yet; I’m not becoming complacent. But having a little taste of what’s to come is a great reward for the work that I’ve done so far!

What are your milestones? What “imaginary line” will you cross that will let you say to yourself, “You’ve come a long way baby?”

I hope you have lots of moments on your weight loss journey that bring you pride and joy. You deserve to love your life, and love to yourself!

All my best.