Greetings from the newest IP coach at Banic!

Hello!! My name is Debbie, and I’m very excited to join the staff at Banic Chiropractic Clinic as an Ideal Protein Coach!

A little about me… I grew up in a sleepy-little-town-turned-bustling-metropolis called Edwardsville, Illinois. It was there that I learned how to bait a hook, get really muddy, play tennis, and drive a little too fast. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in “19-something-something” with a business degree and four years of unforgettable memories. From there, the road took me straight to Chicago, where I found my first, second and third jobs, a Master’s degree from DePaul University, and lots and lots of REALLY good food.  In 2000, life brought me to Seattle. Now this is home.

After an unfulfilling career in business and a highly fulfilling career as a mom, I followed my heart and passion to fitness and health.  In addition to my role as a coach with Ideal Protein, I’m a certified Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness Instructor. I love being able to teach people how to make positive changes in their lives.

My favorite things to do when I have free time include working in my yard, getting hooked on the latest Netflix series, hiking, paddleboarding (love, love, love!), and spending as much time as possible with my three amazing kids, Luke, Max and Maggie.

A lot of people ask me what I eat or what I do to stay healthy and fit. I also hear things like “you must not need to worry about it since you’re so active”. And what I tell people is this: I’m human. Very human. I try to be mindful of what I eat and get enough exercise and sleep, but the truth is I have my slip-ups. I get tired and stressed. I have my days when all I want is chocolate, and lots of it. And while I am active, and that helps, it’s not a license to lose control of my diet every single day.  So I do what everyone else who is trying to stay on a healthy path does: I put one foot in front of the other and keep going.  I don’t look back and dwell on the slip-up. I wake up the next day, forgive myself, and start fresh.  (And maybe do a few extra pushups.)

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to meeting you!