Your Food Journal–The Story of Your Success

Your food journal tells a story.  It records your food, exercise, water, supplement intake and ratings of your effort.  Bringing your food journal to every appointment makes communication with your coach very clear.  Your coach can see your record, so you don’t have to remember what you ate and did during the week.  There are so many benefits to journaling, and being a consistent journaler can improve your success.  Consider the following:

1. If you aren’t getting the results you want, your journal will help your coach figure out why.

2. Your journal makes you think about your food choices, acting as a deterrent to cheating.

3. When you need meal ideas, you can look back and see what you’ve done before.

4. Journaling is a tool that will transform into meal planning through the course of your weight loss experience.

5. Looking back to celebrate your success, and remind yourself that you can do it can be motivating.

6. Research shows that those who record their food are more successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

7. Your journal reminds you to eat, drink water, take vitamins and exercise.

8. Sharing your journal with your friends and family can help them support you.  When they see your effort, they’ll cheer you on!

To build consistency, carry your journal with you and record your meal right after you eat it.  At the end of each day, rate your effort, and make sure your journal is complete.  This is a good time to plan your meals for the next day. Let your journal be the tool of your success!

Alcohol and the IP Diet

Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden during the weight loss phases of the IP diet.  Having an occasional glass of wine or cocktail will interfere with the success of your diet.  Alcohol can inhibit the mechanisms of gluconeogenesis significantly.  Alcohol contains significant calories, which cannot be converted into energy, so instead they are formed into triglycerides and eventually end up as fat in your liver, or fat in other areas of your body.  As difficult as it may be to give up, it is absolutely necessary for you to be successful.  Embrace it as a temporary change.

So what to drink instead?  Here are some ideas!

  • water or club soda with fresh mint leaves or lime
  • cucumber water (slice cucumbers into your water and let it chill overnight)
  • iced green or black tea or flavored tea
  • any Ideal Protein drink blended with ice
  • Talking Rain flavored Sparkling Spring Water or Sparkling ICE

Make your drinks festive!  Put them in a fancy glass, garnish with lemon or mint, add a straw and enjoy!  Remember to bring your own drinks to parties so you will be prepared!

Taming the Sugar Beast

This article published in the Pacific NW Magazine on Sunday, Aug 8, brings both a personal perspective to sugar addiction and the research to support that sugar is addictive and causes obesity as well as numerous health conditions.

A few key points:

  • Sugar is present in much of our diet.
  • If your diet is unbalanced, sugar cravings kick in.
  • Eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates altogether makes cravings easier to control.
  • Eating more protein and healthy fat helps to reduce cravings.
  • Adding sugar back into your diet can create more cravings.

Handling Social Situations on the IP Diet

Let’s face it: We are social creatures. When you consider that almost every social situation involves food, it makes dieting extremely difficult.  Compounded by the questions we get, or the grimaces, as we pull out our IP packet, or the criticism we may face, it might seem easier to just avoid social situations altogether. You don’t have to give up your social life.  Learning how to respond politely and positively will put you and everyone else at ease.

I noticed a few years ago when my sister in law came to a wedding and brought her medical diet food with her, that the conversation quickly became all about her diet, how much she had lost, what made the diet effective, how she felt, how much weight she wanted to lose, and on and on.  I ached for her.  When we are bombarded with questions it’s okay to say “Hey, call me tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it.  I’d love to share all my good news, but today let’s enjoy the wedding festivities.”

Here are some other quick comebacks to take off the pressure:

“I just don’t feel like eating pizza tonight.  I’ll have the chicken salad instead”

“Thanks for inviting me for dinner.  I’ve been following a special diet and I’m really happy with my results.  I hope you don’t mind if I don’t try everything.  Can I bring a salad to share?”

“I’m driving tonight.  I’d like a club soda with lime, thanks.”

“I’m feeling fabulous, and I’m really happy with my results!”

Please post a reply to share how you’ve handled sticky social situations while following the IP diet.