Crepes that are actually like… Crepes!

It’s been awhile since I “experimented” with my IP food. I’ve been kind of on autopilot as we try to finish our first home purchase – very exciting, but plenty stressful. And chaotic. (At this point, I’m seriously considering keeping out a few frying pans, packing everything else up, and eating off paper plates!!!) However…

waldenstrawberryI purchased Walden Farms Strawberry Fruit Spread a few weeks a go on a whim. I’d been looking at it off and on for awhile.

Know this: Walden Farms is not a magical company. You can not take a product that is typically 50 calories per tablespoon, turn it into a zero calorie product, and go, “WOW, THEY TASTE THE SAME!” Never going to happen. Don’t live in that dream world, folks. you’ll only be disappointed. With that said, this product is not terrible. It probably tastes more or less “strawberry flavored,” although I think it does mention something about real strawberry something in the nutritional information/ingredients list. It does not quite have a jelly consistency, more like… well it’s like a jelly and Jell-O hybrid.

I had an idea that it may make a good “filling” for the Plain Crepe. Here’s what you need:

  • Mixing bowl and whisk (I think making the “bread-like” ice cream
  • 1 Ideal Protein Plain Crepe Packet
  • 4 oz. water
  • up to 1 oz of Sugar Free Vanilla syrup (such as Torani’s)
  • 1 – 2 Tbsp. of  Walden Farms Strawberry Fruit Spread
  1. Grease up a frying pan with a bit of Olive Oil (remember your daily portions/allowances).
  2. In a bowl, mix the plain crepe mix with about 4 oz. of water, and a little bit of Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup. This does two things: it sweetens up the crepe itself, and adds a nice vanilla flavor, giving it more of a “home-baked” taste.
  3. Cook the crepe on the stove according to manufacturer directions.
    * Tips: I like to get the first side get nice and crispy. One trick I use to tell if it’s ready to be flipped is to wiggle the pan a bit. Sometimes you get lucky and the crepe starts to move around. Usually you have to wiggle a spatula under the crepe and flip. I let the second side cook for less time than the first; it’s going to make the final step easier. Cooked through, but not crispy.
  4. Lay your crepe on a plate, softer side up. Put 1 – 2 tablespoons of Strawberry Fruit Spread down the middle of your crepe. It does not “spread” so much as it “squishes,” so squish it around until you have it going from one side to the other.
    * Tips: There is no sugar/sugar alcohol in this product, so I wouldn’t be too concerned by your serving amount, other than it’s never great to eat too many artificial sweeteners.
  5. Roll your crepe, TIGHTLY, so that your filling will go from end to end when rolled up. Don’t worry that you don’t have “fruit” spread throughout the whole crepe, it will be just great.
  6. Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee (or one of your 8 glasses of water a day!) and enjoy!


I am not having a good week, this week. My weight bounced up about 2 pounds last week, and I am having the darnedest time getting rid of it. I don’t know if I’m dehydrated, or eating too much salt, or sneaking cookies in my sleep!!!

Stalls can happen, but I think my stall may be directly related to not writing my food diary anymore. (Bad girl!)

I hereby commit to food journaling from this morning forth. Want to see my food journal?


How’s that for Irony? I got this at Target for $1.00, I think. I couldn’t resist the bright colors and the cute design. I’m glad that cupcake looks like a cartoon though, or it might make me think impure thoughts.

So my first entry is:

September 21, 2011
Water [X] [X] [X] [X] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]
4 cups water
Mango Shake
Coffee w/ 1 oz milk, sugar-free Vanilla syrup

Off to a great start. Next up: sticking with it.

Keeping a food journal

Source PictureOkay, confession time: I super-duper stink at keeping up with my food log. I’m terrible at it. I get bored of writing “the same thing” over and over (and over) and so I get lax. But then it is so easy to take an extra bite of chicken here and there, or just “assume” I’ve eaten enough vegetables for the day.

According to this article, “Want To Lose Weight? Keep A Food Diary,” it reiterates what we already know to be true – write it all down.

Actually, there are a lot of different very famous weight loss programs that tout this, one of the most famous being Weight Watchers. I did WW for quite awhile and I know that even when using that as my tool for weight loss, I did do better when I wrote down what I was eating.

What about you? Are you well behaved when it comes to writing down what you put in your mouth, or do you slack off? What keeps you motivated to keep writing down your food log?

Leslie’s Articles of the Week

Obesity, bigger waist may mean higher death risk for black women

“Being obese and having a larger waist may be linked with a higher risk of dying for African American women, a study finds.

Body mass index and waist circumference were examined in 33,916 women who were part of the ongoing Black Women’s Health Study and had never smoked and didn’t have cardiovascular disease or cancer at the beginning of the study….”

5 Healthy Lifestyle Factors Incrementally Reduce Risk of Diabetes, Study Finds

“A new study has found that each of five healthy lifestyle factors incrementally lowered one’s risk of getting diabetes by an additional 31% to 39% in a large 11-year study of approximately 207,000 men and women aged 50 to 71 years. When combined, the five healthy lifestyle factors together lowered the risk of diabetes by approximately 80%….”

Keep Rolling Along

multicolor_skatesI have never, ever been a physically active person. I have actually avoided movement most of my life, preferring instead to go shopping, or go out to eat, or sit around the house.

Since I’ve started losing weight with IP, I’ve wanted to get a little more movement in. So I’ve gone roller skating. It’s an interesting experience to go skating after… 13 years or so.

I forgot how much fun it is to feel the “wind” rushing by you as you speed along, listening to bad pop music and dodging little kids, shaky on their wheeled feet.

I have yet to do so, but the next thing I want to tackle is some horseback riding. I went last summer when I was at one of my heaviest weights, and it was fun, but I couldn’t “relax” into the ride. I’d also like to build up some arm strength, and tackle a climbing wall.

What are some physical goals you have, if any?

More Tips for Eating Out

425veggiesWays Mom Can Keep Her Waistline Despite Eating Takeout

I think these are some really great principles for the “rest of your life,” in other words, for maintenance.

The two things that I found interesting were “order veggies first, order meat second.” I kind of think these things are a no brainer, but it’s something to think about. A lot of times, menus don’t make this easy on us.

The first thing that comes to mind for me is Asian food, specifically, Thai. A lot of people think of noodles, peanut sauce and curry when they think of Thai food, but there are also some stir fries that are amazing tasting that don’t use any of those things. Not all restaurants will call it this, but there is a green bean dish called Phad Prig Khing (at least it’s called that at O’Char).

There’s a grilled veggie platter at Z’Tejas. There’s a veggie and salad combo you can order at Applebee’s. Do you have any tricks to share with the rest of the class?

Mango Madness!

I tried the new Mango drink (pre-mixed) and it is so tasty. I would highly recommend you giving it a whirl. I did not care for most of the powdered fruit drink mixes myself (although others love them, so don’t take my word for it), but this was so delicious. It’s very thick, like a smoothie.

They’ve also added a new bar – Peanut Butter Crunch. It was pretty good too – I love adding new flavors to my repertoire.

What are your favorite IP choices?

Questions and Answers #1


I am frequently asked, “How do you keep going without cheating? How do you not give up?”


I have a secret… I love to eat at restaurants. Did you expect that? I would be a complete liar if I said I have never once cheated a teensy tiny bit when on this diet (or any other for that matter), but it has never been worth it, especially when you’re dedicating all this time and money to your goals.

The secret is – eating at restaurants does not have to mean you’re cheating! I’ve found a couple of places that I now like to frequent, and they may surprise you.

  • Red Robin – You can order 2 sides of chicken breast, and steamed broccoli. You do not have to order a meal; you can create your own from their sides menu. You may or may not see chicken breast as an offering on the side menu, but ask anyway. I will also occasionally order a “natural” burger with a lettuce wrap (they make you a “bun” out of lettuce leaves), with extra tomato and pickle, onion, and mustard). I have them replace the side of fries with a side of broccoli. Totally delicious, feels like a treat (cause it’s kind of like a sandwich!), and on plan!
  • Buffets – Okay, I know, I know. You have to be rolling your eyes at this one. IF you can be a good girl (or boy) and not overeat, buffets can be great because YOU can create your own “special order” items. A lot of places offer steamed veggies, salad bars, and a lot of different meat choices. I have no problem finding fish, green beans, “taco salads” with salsa dressing, and other choices. You have to remind yourself that you’re not there for “all you can eat,” but for what you can eat.
  • McDonalds – Order two “side salads” from the dollar menu, and have them add a chicken breast to each one. Pick off the carrot shavings to be truly IP friendly. Ask for mustard on the side. I add mustard to the chicken breast, cut it up really small, and eat a bit of chicken breast with the salad and it kind of tastes like a chicken salad sandwich. Pretty inexpensive, and convenient!
  • Taco Time – This is one of my favorites. Order a large chicken taco salad. Tell them to take off the cheese and give you extra chicken instead. Have them use “heavy pico” for dressing. I always order a couple extra servings of pico and a medium salsa. DEE. LISH. US. Delicious.

These are my stand-by’s – they’ve been getting me through this with flying colors. They are on plan, and they make me feel “human.” It’s important to me to get out with my family. Cheers, and happy eating!


I hope all of you are having a wonderful, successful week! I had some great experiences in the past week, thanks to my weight loss – and therefore, Ideal Protein!

  • I shopped at a very famous “regular sizes” lingerie store for the first time in my adult life. Actually, in my whole life. This was a life changing experience for me, personally and I’m still surprised by it!
  • I finally fit into size 14 jeans!
  • I tried on regular size leather jackets, and designer jeans and was able to fit into both! (These are my dream items, which I will purchase when I hit goal!)
  • I got a tattoo.

I am learning what it means to feel comfortable with my body. As I become more and more so, I am more open to letting my outsides reflect who I know I am inside. Getting a tattoo was a part of that journey. I know I have further to go, and I’m not giving up yet; I’m not becoming complacent. But having a little taste of what’s to come is a great reward for the work that I’ve done so far!

What are your milestones? What “imaginary line” will you cross that will let you say to yourself, “You’ve come a long way baby?”

I hope you have lots of moments on your weight loss journey that bring you pride and joy. You deserve to love your life, and love to yourself!

All my best.